Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week – Photo Contest


Every rider and photographer can sign up for the photo contest that takes place during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week.

Riders and photographer team up. The photographer gets a press wristband and the rider gets a special wristband to show he is in the photo contest.


You can begin shooting as soon as you have signed in from 11:00 on Monday @ The Student Hotel until the deadline when you have to hand in the best picture at 12:00 on Friday @ Skatepark Amsterdam.


The teams may shoot anywhere as long as they wear the wristbands and the location is within Amsterdam city limits.


The best 10-15 photos handed in on Friday will be printed and exhibited during the Amsterdam Skate Contest on Saturday. On this day visitors may vote and the most voted picture will win €500 cash!



Duration: From Monday 11:00 until Friday 12:00

Participation: All riders or photographers that signed up

Prizes: €500 for the best photo

Registration:  €25 for the riders, free for the photographers



Rules and Regulations - Photo Contest

-Photos must be shot during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week

-Wristbands of riders must be (partly) visible on picture

-Register at The Student Hotel from Monday 11:00 until Wednesday 19:00

-Deadline to hand in pictures: Friday 12:00 at Skatepark Amsterdam

-Hand in photos digitally

-Hand in edited photo as well as the original

-Free choice of riders

-€500 for the winning photo

-Submitted photos will be shown at Skatepark Amsterdam during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Contest on Saturday 10 August

-Photos entered in the Photo contest can be voted on during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Contest

-Photos will also be published on mediapartners of the event, this could be print or online

-Winner will be announced at the price ceremony after the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Contest