Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week – Video Contest


Every rider and filmmaker can sign up for the video contest that takes place during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week.

Riders and filmmaker team up. The filmmaker gets a press wristband and the rider gets a special wristband to show he is in the video contest.


You can begin shooting as soon as you have signed in from 11:00 on Monday @ The Student Hotel until the deadline when you have to hand in your video on Wednesday August 14 at 16.00. 


The teams may shoot anywhere as long as they wear the wristband and the location is within Amsterdam city limits.


The week following the contest the videos will be shown on True Skateboard Magazine, Tacky and Facebook. People can vote online on the different videos. On Monday the 29th of August the winner will be announced online. The winner gets € 500 cash!



Duration: From Monday August 5 11:00 until Wednesday August 14 16:00

Participation: All riders or filmmakers that signed up

Prizes: €500 for the best video

Registration: € 25 for the riders, free for the filmmakers



Rules and Regulations - Video contest

-Videos must be shot during the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week

-Wristbands of riders must be (partly) visible on video

-Register at The Student Hotel from Monday 11:00 until Wednesday 19:00

-Deadline to hand in videos: Wednesday August 14 at 16:00

-Send in videos digitally as a WeTransfer file to

-Free choice of riders

-Resolution: 1280 x 720 in .mov or .avi

-Codec: H264

-Format: No larger than 200MB

-€500 for the winning video

-Videos entered in the video contest can be voted on online, after the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week on the websites of the mediapartners

-Winner will be announced online after the Brisk Amsterdam Skate Week